Courtland Waste Handling Off-Loader Tanker Trailers

We specialize in the custom design and set-up of self-unloading aluminum and stainless steel tanker trailers for the transport of liquid manure and waste. Our premier product is the double conical stainless steel center offload. The center offload provides the best cleanout even when the tanker is not setting on a level service. End offload systems are also available and are popular combination with larger capacity aluminum tankers.

Off-Loader Tanker Trailers Off-Loader Tanker Trailers
Off-Loader Tanker Trailers Off-Loader Tanker Trailers
Off-Loader Tanker Trailers Off-Loader Tanker Trailers

Robust Hydraulic drive pump unloads tanker trailers quickly

  • 6” offload: 1,500-1,600 GPM
  • 8” offload: 2,000- 2,100 GPM (Larger capacity also creates less foaming when loading spreaders)
  • 8” High Rate: 3,300-3400 GPM

Benefits of Courtland Waste Handling’s Off-Loader Trailer
  • Move liquid waste longer distances more efficiently
  • Significantly reduces wear and tear of tractor and spreader tires by keeping the spreader in the field applying instead of transporting from facility to field
  • No Hoses to hook up! Faster safer and more efficient
  • No need to have a pump and load stand at the field
  • Decrease compaction of headlands by loading where the spreader is instead of the spreader returning to the same point in the field every time to load.
  • Hydraulic operated boom reaches up to 30’ for off-loading allowing semi to stay on the road
  • Customers have been able to apply more manure with one spreader and two off-loader trailers than using two/three spreaders

Standard Features
  • Industrial Strength hydraulic systems will provide reliability year in and year out
  • Upgrade to LED lights
  • Safety Platform installed on front of trailer by hydraulic controls. Allows full view of unloading operation
  • Fully Refurbished trailers! All trailers are inspected and having the following rebuilt/replaced if needed. These trailers leave our facility ready to pass a DOT inspection!
    • Brakes components rebuilt or replaced
    • Tires are reviewed and new tires installed when needed. All tires exceed DOT tread depth requirements
    • Axles fully serviced and rebuilt if needed
    • Frame: Necessary Repair welding is done and complete replacement of the frame when warranted

Optional Features
  • Remote Control of hydraulic offload system
  • 25’ or 30’ offload boom
  • 6” or 8” standard offload or 8” high rate off load systems
  • Rear Discharge deflector for top applying in field with trailer






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