GEA Houle Piston Pumps
Gea Houle Maxi-Pump

Electromix Single Piston Pump System: Features low power pump with hydraulically driven piston.
It can be paired with an electric agitator to create the Electromix System which is designed to homogenize solids in liquid waste to create slurry that can be evacuated through a pipeline.

Key Features

  • 5 hp or 7 hp motor
  • Stainless Steel pumping tube for long life
  • Wall or Floor mounted
Working Principle of Piston Pump
During the siphoning cycle (piston up stroke) the vacuum effect and pressure of manure force the discharge flapper to close and the intake flapper to open to fill the evacuation chamber with manure. During the evacuation cycle (piston down stroke) the pressure of the manure forces the intake flapper to close and the discharge flapper to open to transfer the manure from the evacuation chamber to the discharge line.

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