Manure Injection Systems

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Courtland Waste Handling offers a variety of manure injection systems for your Spreader Tank and Dragline bar.

VTI Vertical Till Injector

Capable of High Speed and High Residue conditions while still placing manure 6-8” below surface! Built by customer manure applicator with 35 plus years of experience to specifically handle the rigors of custom application.

  • High Speed: 3-12 mph
  • Injects Manure 6-8” below surface to minimize nitrogen loss and maximize nutritional value in soil profile.
  • High Residue: designed to minimize clogging in corn stalks and other high residue situations
  • Fuel Efficient: Low draft design means lower HP requirements and greater fuel efficiency

Contour King Swivels: Designed to handle 30° contours

Hydra-Flex Swivels: When combined with Contour King Swivels provides 10” of travel for precision application in uneven terrain


Series 70 Slurry Sweep Injector

Design minimizes soil disturbance while increasing application area/depth. 8” low rate lifts soil less than 1” while the 8” and 12” High rate lifts soil less than 1.25”.

Available in 8” low rate, 8” high rate, or 12” high rate

  • Run up to 8 mph
  • Places manure 5-6” deep in the soil minimizing nitrogen loss and maximizing nutritional value in soil profile.

25 Wave Conical Blade: Clears pathway ahead of sweep in high residue conditions ideal for fields that are corn on corn.

Dietrich Slurry Clozr: Can be used by itself or in combination with the 70 series Sweep Injector. Choice of 18” spherical or flat notched blades.

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