Gea Houle Tanks

Off-Loader Tanker Trailers Off-Loader Tanker Trailers

Spreader tanks from GEA Houle are not just built they are engineered for the ultimate combination of efficiency, strength, and weight. This allows you to haul more manure and minimize down time. Tank reservoirs are constructed with high quality ¼” steel with the upgrade option for 3/16” stainless steel. One layer of Epoxy primer and 1 layer of Urethane paint resists extreme conditions and ensures long operating life.

EL48 Steerable Spreaders

EL48 steerable axle spreaders are available in capacities of 4,300 US gallons to 10,500 US gallons. Two of the most popular configurations for Courtland Waste Handling Customers is the 3 axle EL48-6D 7,300 U.S. gallon and the 4 axle EL48-8D 9,500 U.S. gallon spreaders.

Power Steering System

The steerable axles provide excellent maneuverability and control while minimizing ground impact when turning. The field proven robust hydraulic power steering matches the turning angle of the tractor greatly enhancing maneuverability and resulting in a shorter turning radius.

Hydraulic Suspension

The time proven hydraulic system allows for smoother travel even over the roughest of terrain and greatly reduces stress to the frame and reservoir. Due to the strategic placement of suspension cylinders close to the center of gravity of the reservoir it reduces the excessive load variations on the draw bar even when the tank is full.

EL54 and EL84 Tandem Axle Spreaders

GEA Houle Tandem Series spreaders combined strength and light weight to provide an economical choice for transporting liquid waste. The signature to GEA Houle’s Tandem Series spreaders is the V shape design of the frame. It features a full length central tube providing strength and resistance to twisting. The v shape design allows the reservoir to sit lower within the frame lowering the center of gravity and greatly enhancing stability. The two most common models used by Courtland Waste Handling customers is the 6,000 gallon EL54 and the 6,000 gallon EL84. EL 84 is the most economical while the EL54’s narrower width helps it trail on roads better.

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