GEA Houle Lagoon Pump
Gea Houle Maxi-Pump

6” Agi-Pompe: Excels in agitation and chopping and sizing bedding

6” Super Pump: Excellent for handling solids and high volume pumping

Available Lengths: 32’, 42’, 52’, 62’, and 72’

Key Features

  • Agitation nozzle features wide operating range of 320° horizontal rotation and 130° vertical articulation for optimal agitation
  • Impellor features cutting blades to improve performance and help prevent plugging
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel used for impellor housing and bottom greatly lengthens service life
  • Remote Grease Line Kit allows you to easily service pump without removing from the pit
  • Stainless Steel Ball and Urethane gasket utilized on Agitation Ball-and-Socket joint provides long operation life
  • Low maintenance gearbox protected by 3 seal system on each shaft to protect against contamination
  • Super pump available with 6” or 8” discharge
  • Drive line in oil bath
  • Remote Control to operate the pump from inside the tractor cab using one hydraulic outlet

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